JDM.LT goes off-road // 2018

Looks like we’ve closed our warm season as usual in the end of September with JapMeet Season Closing BBQ in Vilnius, but actually weather is still so fine, that we have +20 during daytime. Time to leave lowered cars in town and jump into the wilderness.

Early October morning. A couple good friends, proper equipment, coffee and we’re ready for an off-road adventure.

Normally we say that in Lithuania (and neighboring countries) off-roading is muddy games. However the weather is dry and sunny for a couple of weeks, so only a few wet paths were on our trail.

After jumping into the first water we’ve found that this Nissan in only powered by rear wheels and fronts we’re not working for some reason.

A helping “hand” from Pajero for another Patrol, which jumped to help the rwd Patrol.

Let’s continue the trail. Little Pajero (side by side with bigger Patrols) take easy in most cases.

Dead generator was a sign that we need to find another location.

>Really big. Really comfy compared to the others.

These fall colors!

Hill climb with 2wd.

Hill climb with 4wd.


A bit of downhill.

Time to have some snacks and go deeper into the forest.

That nature in fall colors.

Not everybody understood “driving deeper” the same way.

A bit of winching and we go.

And again a bit too deep.

Lighter and shorter Pajero takes with ease.

Chill and last words about this adventure.

Full album on: https://www.flickr.com/photos/selmassan/albums/72157696630589440

Stay tuned for more!