JAPMEET カー集い // Season Opening 2020

Later better than never. Seems like this could be a moto for this season.

It was a very nice feeling to see all these cars and car people gathered at Pociūnai airport last Saturday to have a very late summer season opening with the JapMeet.

Despite being invite only meet, around 40 cars showed up throughout the time of the gathering. Everyone was keen to see what new cars and projects we have here in Lithuania.

The vast majority of the gathering was Toyota‘s luxury brand. Various Lexus models dominated the evening.

Miatas are still on the hype here and it’s clear why.

A truly rare sight in our market is an FD RX-7 and this one is a true candy for every Japanese car enthusiast. Almost every detail in this FD is so perfect that makes it look like it‘s brand new car even it‘s produced in the early 90s. We keen to see what will be the end result of this FD after finishing all the extra touches to this Mazda.

What do you think about the future of the car gatherings in Lithuania this year? We really enjoyed the more intimate and high quality meets like this one, but of course we want to see as many cool projects as possible.. Stay tuned!

Photos by Selmas Adomonis