Drift Sustainability, Budget Tips and the Oxymoron

Drifting is expensive. Find another hobby.

Tennis would be a good choice. A carbon fibre racquet and some Nike’s will set you back, what $400? Ongoing costs are a set of strings every season and a new set of tennis balls every match. Manageable.


If I have failed to convince you to start/move to another sport, fantastic! You have passed the first test. Drifting is amazing and let’s continue. Continue reading %s

Tuerck & Forsberg: Drift Garage is back

Drift Garage Season 2, Episode 1: Welcome to the second season of Drift Garage hosted by professional Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck. This season these guys ere getting into TWO totally contrasting drift car builds. Chris Forsberg is upgrading a brand new Nissan 370Z and turning it into a mean street legal twin turbo 700 HP weekend warrior. Meanwhile Ryan Tuerck has a project of his own upgrading his thrashed 20-year-old Nissan 240SX in an attempt to bring it up to snuff.

In case you missed season 1, watch it here or search youtube: http://www.networka.com/drift-garage-season-2-with-chris-forsberg-and-ryan-tuerck